CLOSED  FOR THE SEASON  



                                     All blueberries have been picked out, we  

                                       thank you all for making it a great year!!




                                   We look forward to seeing you next Year !!  




            Looking for an outdoor family day in the beautiful Laurel Mountains of PA ?

     Come pick blueberries that taste best right off the bushes. Bring a picnic lunch, and enjoy

     the day. Take pictures of the children you will treasure forever.

     There are varieties coming ripe all summer to eat, freeze, make pies and all sorts of

      nutritious dishes.


   Pick Your Own Blueberries


        $ 2.50 per pound


   Fresh Picked Blueberries to Order    


       $ 4.50 per pint


   (orders may be placed  here on website under contact tab )

     We accept : Cash, Check, Visa/Mastercard  - require half amount down when ordering

        We look forward to seeing you!



















                                " Summer Sapphires, health jewels of the mountain "

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